After the Olympics, our TiVo Premiere started to crash. That is, it would stop and not respond to web requests. I’ve tried a full reboot and even a full restart. The TiVo forums show 28 pages of problems with TiVo Premiere hangs which is a bit daunting.
It sure feels like the hard drive is failing (as it has in 2 of the 3 TiVo HDs we’ve had). Apparently there is a thing called Kickstart that let’s you at least do some diagnosis. Code 57 is a disk check and then a 54 check


1. Restart the box and the green light comes on.

2. The green, and amber lights begin to flicker. Quickly press and release the PAUSE button on the remote.

IMPORTANT: Unlike the HD and Series3, you cannot continuously hold down the pause button.

3. Press the one or two digits of the kickstart code from the list below on the remote control. (You will have approximately 10 seconds to do this.) If this was done successfully, the blue light will come on.

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