Picking cool gadgets


Well besides reading this site, noticed The Wirecutter (an ex-Gizmodo guy) does these kind of recommendations. Good stuff. Here were some interesting recommendations:

  1. Monoprice 8320. I've bought a bunch of $3 headphones which have been unreliable and have broken, but Wirecutter likes the $10 headphones. The monoprice guys are pretty smart by the way, if you submit a negative review, they will hold the review and get you to do something. Pretty smart to manage the reviews on your own site so beware, but on the other hand most of the stuff is good (what doesn't work well are iPod 30-pin cables and headphones, the really cheap stuff, the hdmi cables and so forth work great). As a note they do like the new Apple headphones. Apparently these are on par now. The big question is of course durability in my mind, but I'll get a set and see. 
  2. Philips L Prize Bulb. Wow this thing won a $10M prize for best bulb. It draws just 9 watts and gives 900 lumens. Cost a breaktaking $37, but looks just like a regular light bulb. Cool! The big issue is we've got lots of dimmers and many bulbs aren't dimmer compatible. The last LED bulb I bought lasted about 1 month. I think because of the dimmer that was on it or maybe it was just an early bulb as half the LEDs just failed. And it was outdoors.
  3. Nikon Monarch 8x42. Need some great binoculars for watching sailing. We got some very nice small ones, but need the big guys for long distance.

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