Black Ops II


Well have instability with our old BIOS, but just upgraded our ASUS P8V77-Deluxe and did an update (why does everything require updates all the time). The original nVidia driver also needed an update, so you have to download the beta driver but didn’t have an SLI profile. YOu need the latest 310.61 beta driver with the SLI update. 
They also introduced something called TXAA which is some sort of anti-aliasing.
Figuring out the right settings for this has really become an art. There are huge forum posts about it

Texture Quality: Extra is the best-looking choice – Adjust the resolutions of the textures used by the game.
Texture Filtering: High is the best-looking choice.
Anti-Aliasing: * – Higher amounts of AA will improve your machine’s GPU-usage/CPU-usage ratio, is a lag-reducer, and may even improve hit reg. See Good Anti-Aliasing section down below. 
16x CSAA gives good performance and great looks. It is coverage sampling AA and textures are more detailed.
Or better yet use 2x or 4x TXAA (some NVidia 600-series cards only).

FXAA: * Off – Many seem to prefer the other AA choices instead. The in-game FXAA will override the NVidia Control Panel FXAA so use the in-game FXAA if you’re going to use any at all.
Ambient Occlusion: * Off – Slows performance more than using Shadows but has a very nice effect and look.
Depth of Field: * Low – If the Depth of Field effect is set up high your FPS may drop a lot when you zoom in.
Sync Every Frame: * Off – Caps your framerate to your display’s refresh rate which overall is an lower frame rate experience.
Max Frames Per Second: * Unlimited or 120 are good choices. Sync Every Frame must be off to be able to set this.
Draw FPS: Gives the ability to see what your FPS is while in the game.

Good Anti-Aliasing Settings *
– 2x or 4x TXAA (some NVidia 600-series cards only) with Shadows set to Medium and FXAA Off and Ambient Occlusion Off.
– 16x CSAA set in game menu + Shadows set to Medium and FXAA Off and Ambient Occlusion Off.

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