Seems like the rechargeables that we use just keep finding new uses. This is great as (except for the Wii controllers), everything seems to like them. But time to buy some more. Using a combination of Amazon and Thomas Distributing, here are the best buys:

  1. Battery charger. I have a bunch of these and the best ones allow individual batteries to charge and also if you are a geek some display to tell you what is happening and how much charge you are getting. Amazon likes the LaCrosse BC-700 which you then buy via Thomas.
  2. AA Batteries. The Sanyo XX highest capacity at 2500Mah which is expensive at $18 for 4 from Amazon or Thomas Distributing also has Ansmann eMax 2600Mah ones but it does have 20% more capacity than the now cheap 2000Mah ones that are about $2 for name brand Sanyo or less than $1.80 for knockoff Tenergy Centura. Peronsally I’d get the 2600Mah as it means changing batteries less, but that is me. And power nerds have been comparing them and the Eneloop XX definitely do hold much more charge, the eMax is behind but still better than the original Eneloops (and cheap at $11 for 4). Net, net the value leader right now is the Ansmann eMax and if you don’t need ultra high capacity, then the Tenergy Centura.
  3. AAA Batteries. Right now the 950Mah Maha Imedion seem like the most capacity. They are about $10 for 4, so again pretty expensive compared with the generic 800Mah ones. Tenergy generics are less than $1. Pretty good deal.

There is an incredible deal on Amazon probably too good to be true, but Tenergy Centura 800mAh AAA and 2100mAh Centura AA claims to offer for $1 each for AAA which is amazing even if they are only 800mAh and seem equivalent to the Sanyo Eneloops. Main disadvantage is they discharge a little more quickly after a couple of months

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