Well when you get a new car, the really important things are the kit that you need for those emergencies (that hopefully won’t ever happen). Here’s an updated list thats great for christmas 🙂

  1. Flashlight. You want one that is going to be bright and last a long time. This is a good application for lithium batteries. They are expensive but last five years. Getting a bright single AA seems like a good choice. Selfbuilt also has an amazing review collection. The Zebralight SC51 seems pretty amazing, 240 lumens. Candlepowerforums.com with its reviews section seems to be where the major geeks hang out on this and things are always improving, but a Fenix PD32 Ulimate seems like a cool choice. It can boost to 740 lumens (wow!). And if you care, this is all about Cree, who makes the LEDs. There are different generations (XP-G and the newer XP-G2) and then different binnings which shows how much output you get (R1, R2, R3,…) with the G2 being more efficient, so an XP-G R5 is equivalent to an XP-G2 R3. So you have to know what bulb it si that you are actually buying.
    1. Foursevens QB-2A. 2xAA using the latest Cree XP-G2 
  2. First aid kit
  3. Tool kit
  4. Glass breaker. An unlikely event but when you are trapped in your car, you want an easy way to punch through that glass.
  5. Tire pressure gauge.
  6. Jumping and pump. We use the one from Costco that is big with its own battery but it can both jump your car easily and fill the tires

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