Windows 8 is off to a slow start | TG Daily

“Since October 26, Windows device sales have fallen 21 percent versus the same period last year,” Baker confirmed. “Notebooks, which have been weak throughout most of 2012, saw that trend continue as they fell 24 percent. Desktop sales have fared better this year, dropping just 9 percent.”
However, Baker did emphasize that it was likely far too early to place the blame on Windows 8 itself for the general weakness of the PC space, as the operating system has only been on the market for just four weeks.
“We still have the whole holiday selling season ahead of us, but clearly Windows 8 did not prove to be the impetus for a sales turnaround some had hoped for,” he said.
Indeed, since its launch, Windows 8 has captured just over half (58 percent) of Windows computing device unit sales, compared to the 83 percent Windows 7 accounted for four weeks after that launch. Then again, Windows 8 tablet sales have been almost non-existent, with unit sales representing less than 1 percent of all Windows 8 device sales to date.

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