This has to be the most complex rewards program I’ve ever used. They don’t tell you much and you have to read a lot but if you get this. We have a grandfather account so it isn’t clear what is standard and not, but you have to read this huge PDF to get some gems. 
Some are now use

  • US First Class for 25K up to $2500 in value in continental US. That is a pretty incredible 10 cents per dollar benefit. Coach benefit is a little lower at 6.7 cents per dollar. The international rate is 100K points for up to $8500 which is pretty close at 8.5 cents per dollar. Way above the 1% rebate you normally get. if you go over these limits then you either pay in cash or redeem at the not so good 1% rate (10000 for $1K in travel). So you really want to stay in first class 🙂
  • Delta, American or Also for 3+ status you can get a Delta or American. If you travel overseas, you can could alternatively sign up for but you get up to 10 visits for a single person for free ($270 benefit) if you charge this to your ML card. They have Alaska Airlines as a partner as well as Air France. You should sign up before the end of the year.
  • Delta. This ends Dec 31. But if you are level 3+ (spend $50K this year) but you get up to 50% off international business for travel through March
  • Hertz. As a level 3+ you get a free upgrade but not clear how you sign up.
  • Blue Nile. For your setting (not the diamond), you get a 10% discount if you use MERRILL12 in the coupon field.
  • Merrill Lynch Mall. Like United, they have a portal need to check that.

Here are the ones that are hard to use as they are insurance, but if you are super detailed, maybe you might get a claim in:

  • Purchase Security. There is some highly limited benefit, but if in the first 90 days, theft or damage, you can claim $500 per incident if you charged on your card. Good if you get an iphone ripped off in themonth after you bought it 🙂 All of this requires receipts so it means that for everything you need to take a photo or save the web page (Amazon is wonderful this way as it keeps a complete history). You call a magic number and a claim is filed. You have to file a claim with your insurance company unless your deductible is higher. You have to file a police report within three days and a claim within 60 days.
  • Warranty Extension for 1-year and up to 3-years for items. You need a receipt mainly and then call a magic number. You have to file within 60 days of failure. You also need a copy of the warranty. Another reason to drop box all this stuff so you have it with you. This is super valuable for things like hard drives which do fail. You should use their warranty registration application to keep track of it all.
  • Trip Cancellation. This trip if the carrier goes bankrupt and your physician will write a note saying you are sick.
  • Trip Delay. If it is more than 12 hours for strike, weather. Again you call a magic number to file a claim.
  • Emergency Evacuation. Pays an economy ticket to get you back or to get someone to you.
  • Collision Damage Waiver. They will pay the CDW on rental cars. Main things are to check the car for damage before leaving and call a magic number in an accident.
  • Lost Luggage Insurance. 

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