Well, time now to slow down if you don’t really need a computer right, right now. The major tock in the Intel release strategy is coming. It is called Haswell and uses much lower power. 
Leaked document reveals Intel ‘Haswell’ chips potentially bound for 2013 iMacs

Details on 14 new desktop processors set to launch in 2013 based on Intel’s “Haswell” architecture have leaked, offering a glimpse at chips that could potentially make their way into the next-generation iMac.
The listed Haswell desktop processors are most likely to make their way into Apple’s all-in-one iMac lineup, which are the only Macs to use desktop processors. The Mac Pro, which is due to receive a significant update in 2013, uses Intel’s Xeon server chips, while the Mac mini currently relies on low-power mobile processors.

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