Asterisk on Synology


Well, I was playing with Synology (which seems decently stable). It is a pretty lousy Plex server mainly I think because the processor is slow and it can't transcode. On the other hand, it is incredibly fast. Running with 1GB ethernet, I regularly get 100MBps which is pretty amazing. Faster than the local hard disk of my old iMac (which does about 80MBps).
So trying other things, I'm trying to see about using Asterisk and getting rid of Comcast Voice eventually and also a Mail Server, so I don't have to worry about privacy issues (Gmail and the like).
Installing Asterisk is pretty easy. Just download the package, but then it takes you to a logon screen and asks for user name and password. Lots of google searches don't show anything, but the inspired guess was to try admin and password. No go. Then saw the default for Synology DSM itself is admin and no password. This worked!

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