Rewards Malls

Most credit cards have programs where if you click through a particular portal, you get additional. Here are some I use:

  1. Mileage Plus Shopping. It doesn’t even matter if you use someone elses credit card. If you click through this portal to say Newegg, J&R or Blue Nile, you get a boat load of points. Best deals at 3 points per $1 on Blue Nile for instance.
  2. Bank of America Signature Rewards Shopping Mall. Some good ones are 120 points if you buy on in addition to the points you’d get anyway. 3 points/$1 on American Eagle Outfitters, Beach Camera,, J&R, Mac Connection ; 2 points on,, 1500 points per subscription on, Best Buy, Marriott, Sheraton, ; 4 points on,, the golf warehouse, Tigerdirect; 6 points on; 9 points on; 1 point on Enterprise, Newegg; 15 points on Skype; 

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