Well, these devices are getting so good. CES shows that they are moving fast. But by the spring, you should be able to get the ideal camera. One that is high definition (1080p or 720p), has night vision and also is Wifi enabled. This is a big trend…The annoying thing is that most of these are trying to get you to buy their monthly data storage service. Argh.

  1. Belkin. This costs $150 or so and has night vision, is an IP camera and the HD one anyway is 720p
  2. Netgear. Introducing the same with right now a 480p camera called the VueZone with the VueZone HD on the way.. All of these are probably based on the same chipset and it is battery powered for six months. They have a full night vision one which is AC powered, but can see in the dark.
  3. Lorex. This is a more dedicated vendor, they have a different solution to night vision. This is a 480p camera with two cameras. One tuned for daylight and the other for night for $190. Their higher end version ($220) is just about more software. This one can upload to a PC while the lower end one only streams to mobile.

The other interesting category are cameras that are now built into sunglasses. Most are 720p which is pretty amazing:

  1. Spytec Inventio-HD. Decent reviews on Amazon for $130. Has a two hour battery life and is 720p video and 5MP still with decent image quality.
  2. Eyez. There is a Kickstarter project for the same thing but with Wifi and Bluetooth recording.

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