$70 for 3 days

Argh. Leaving AT&T I thought that things would get better with Verizon and I must say coverage is better at least.
Sigh. We were trying to get Canadian roaming as we usually due and Verizon says no u can’t because u owe $70 for 3 days of usage before your main account started?!!
Apparently u have to be very carefully on startup as they have a pretty good scam going as u try to create a family account. The coolest thing of course is that there is a magic us account that u can’t see online nor that is visible which u owe money for. And yes they say they have sent a bill via us postal but no there is no way to see or look at online.
So if u want anymore service pay the darn $70. Spent an hour and a half diagnosing. Beware when u add new phones that they do not create a new “sub account”. Phones in a sub account area aged completely separately. U will not see them roll up into your main account and lost importantly if erroneously added they are completely naked with no calling plan whatsoever. So 3 days of texting costs $14. What’s really confusing is that there is no notification that such am account exists except they will us postal mail u something. And also in our case they fixed this in 3 days (they think on account entry this was created) so then the sun account is ophaned without any active phone lines. U can access the bill online. U have to know the sub account exists and go to a Verizon store to get a printout or pay $5 to get a printout from their toll free number. Argh!!!
Sigh. These monopolies are just so hard core. But stuck between AT&T and Verizon how so u win. Perhaps SoftBank/t-mobile will be an answer in 18 months. That’s the hope. Good news is the phones are LTE so no longer locked.

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