Camera buying guide (updated)

Well it is getting close to buying a camera with the goal of getting to 90% of the image quality of a 5d2 while being ultralight and shooting In continuous

Auto brightness

Apple has been much maligned but I don’t know it is a pretty cool customer service company. At 5pm, we discover the trackpad doesn’t work on a MacBook. Fire up

Bulk delete spam users

Our marketing playbook has 2,000 spam users. Added  before we put captcha on. And the system still allows 2-3 users a day who are breaking through captcha (so I turned

Focus stacking

Now that I’ve been doing a lot more processing of digital photos, it is pretty apparent that the ability to take a zillion photos at once is really changing getting

Another boost for micro-4/3 from Blackmagic and best compact camera

Wow cool, Blackmagic is doing a pocket cinema camera that will shoot raw 1080p with a micro 4/3 (actually it is a super 16 imaging area 12.5×7.4mm). It is $995.

Maximizing your social networking pints

I’ve been futzing with social networks for a while. After all if they’ve got score like Waze, Yelp, or Foodspotting or follower counts like twitter, Facebook or Instagram, might as

PS Vita

What a strange consumer experience Sony has managed to cobble together. Super confusing. We are just trying to buy and download games on a PS Vita. Here is what you

Installing Sphinx on Mac OS — Updated

Mac’s are just different enough it is hard to make this work. Sphinx generate documentation, but as usual, even with the vanilla Python 2.7 on every Mac, you have to

Monster bug wars

YouTube rocks. What a video series!

Network IP Cameras

Been looking for a easy to use camera that works on an IP network. This is far harder than it looks. What I’d like is a system that works in