PS Vita

What a strange consumer experience Sony has managed to cobble together. Super confusing. We are just trying to buy and download games on a PS Vita. Here is what you have to do:

  1. They have two totally different login and management systems at and Sony Entertainment seems to have the purchase stuff, so you can troll trhough playstation to see your rankings, but you can’t pay there.
  2. Put your credit card into for billing, but this doesn’t do anything, you have to add to the wallet (see below).
  3. Now go to the wallet and buy a fixed amount (Sony unlike Apple doesn’t let you buy what you want, they are like xbox, you have to buy in fixed slugs). For me anyway their internal credit card thing didn’t work, so I had to use paypal
  4. Then go to your PS3 Vita and login with the same thing and then you have to activate the Playstation Network and choose activate
  5. Then go to Playstation Store on your PS3 Vita, then go to Games and Videos tab and you can download and buy there.

Download games directly to PS Vita – PlayStation Vita, PS Vita official games guide

All games developed for PS Vita can be downloaded direct to the system as long as it is connected to the Internet and you have a Sony Entertainment Network account.

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