Sony DSC RX-100 Accessories Buying Guide


Well, although this camera is a year old, it doesn’t seem like there is an update soon, so it is pretty good to buy. So on to accessories:

  • Sony DSC RX-100. It list for $600 and that is pretty much the cost. The best deal I’ve found from a legitimate reseller is to use your Rewards Shopping. With Visa Signature, you get 3 point per dollar spent (that’s 1800 points) plus if you join J&Rs loyalty program, you get an additional $12 off. I haven’t seen any rewards yet from Bank of America, but theoretically this is a pretty good deal.
  • SDXC card. The SanDisk 64GB UHS-1 goes 45MBps at maximum and is pretty reasonable $65 or so from Amazon or

Here are the accessoriesin rough order

  • Additional battery. It only does about two hours or about 300 shots, so you need an extra battery.
  • Franiec Grip. Most folks find the camera pretty slipper, bu Richard Franiece makes a $36 grip that wraps around the side
  • Clearviewer. This is my first true viewfinder and there is a solution with Clearviewer which is like the optical magnifier I’ve used on my 5D2, it just maginfies things. I wish, it also was hooded for bright light, but better than nothing. $53. I also have the LCDVF which looks dorky but works super well on a dSLR.
  • Carryspeed Filters. There are lots of approaches. Lensmate has a glue-on thing that adds 3mm and gives you either a 49mm or 52mm filter set with 52mm more common. Carry Speed MagFilter 42mm does a similar thing at 42mm (but isn’t perhaps as high quality as a Hoya or B+W filter). Instead they have an adapter that lets you put 55mm filter on it (I have one for my Canon 50mm F/1.4)

Noise-wise, at least according to, the RX-100 has about the same RAW noise as the D800 on a pixel by pixel bsis which is pretty incredible for a 36MP camera vs a 20MP one. The Fuji shows really much lower noise in RAW (but again we don’t know if the Fuji is applying noise reduction in camera, which is one of the suspicions). The NEX-7 is noisier than the 20MP RX-100 according to dpreview, but not dxomark. How interesting.

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