Network Cameras

OK, I have the IZon and it was a bear to install, now I have three cameras to try to get running. Let’s see how it goes. They vary in cost from $130 to $600:
Foscam IP Camera (Foscam FI9212W)
This is a 720p webcam delivering H.264 images over an IP network that is either ethernet or over 802.11B/G/N. Here are the instructions: 

  1. Connect the device over the wired ethernet and try to find its network address. I use Fing on my iPhone to do this. 
  2. The Foscam doesn’t report itself with any manufacturer id so you have to look for a blank
  3. It needs https to access, so just you have to type in https://x.x.x.x to get io it or you the port 88 (and not 80?)
  4. The default user is admin and there is no password.
  5. You have to say look for an NTP server (its default is
  6. It requires an ftp server to store its recordings.

Axis 3007-PV
This is a 5MP camera that does 360 degree. Again, you need to know its IP address:

  1. Use fing to find it, it does identify itself as coming from Axis
  2. When you browse to the address, you create a self signed certificate and a new password. Not super secure, so you want to set it up on a private network
  3. Don’t forget that password (like I did, otherwise you have to take the cover off and hold the reset button while power cycling it)

Axis 1214
This is a small lense camera which is nice since it has a long connector to the box and is POE

  1. Find to find it and see the above caveats
  2. You then have to set it to record to an SMB share somewhere on your network
  3. Then setup a ntp time server as at least my dhcp server doesn’t specify that.
  4. Create a motion detection event. You will need to download the latest jave (at least on a Mac) and reboot your browser to do this.


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