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Well time to lust for bikes too…here is a list from
Specialized S-Works Tarmac SL4 Red. Won last year. $8K, 12.6 lb if you can believe it! But let’s face it the real lust starts with the $12K (?!!) Tarm SL4 Di2 which has Shimano’s electronic shifting components. You can also get this as just a frame and build it up yourself.
Cervelo R3 Ultegra. $3K which seems cheap when you compare it to the new car above 🙂 15.4 pounds, which makes my home built Trek from 2001 look pretty good at 13.5 pounds 🙂
Here were some others that did well in user ratings:
Cannondale SuperSix EVO Team; 13 lbs, 3.2 oz, $10K MSRP! Very compliant and a good climber (May-2013)
Giant TCR Advanced SL1.  $7K MSRP, 14lb. Aluminum wheels gave a little more weight. Stiff frame that is great for corners. (May 2013)
Pinarello Dogma 64.1 Think2. $13.5K. Has Duar-Ace Di2, great in sprints but needs more attention on descents. 14lb, 4.8 oz (May 2013)
Diamondback Podium 7. $6.7K, 14 lb, 1.6 oz. They mainly make mountain bikes, but this is pretty inexpensive ($1.5K less than the equivalent Tarmac SL4). Accell Group also own s Raleigh and Redline and they are doing this online only. Comes in Campagnolo 11 and SRAM 10 only.
Was also interesting to look at Bicycling Magazine 2012 recommendations:
BH Ultralight Red/Reynolds 32. $10K. How can they make a 740 gram frame (the first carbon frame I got had just hit 1kg and that was amazing) and have it be stiff. Apparently this can happen. It has Reynolds 32 carbon clinchers as well. How cool is that.
BMC Team Machine SLR01. The bike that won the 2011 Tour de France. Just need Di2 on it 🙂

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