xBox One, PS4, Nintendo Wii U


We have nearly all these game consoles (xBox, PS3, Wii) and for some reason, I have to say, these new announcements (xBox One, PS4, Wii U) just don't sound all that interesting. I had not realized it has been *seven years* since the release of the xBox. As Calvin said, when you have a late model PC (ok ours is a little more than late model, more like insane), the graphicas advancements on the PC happen every six months. While having a eight-core processor in the xBox sounds pretty cool, you have to wonder how well it will age and the very cool Kinect gesture and other recognition sound like nice potential features. It will be interesting to see how they work. Certainly, I've been lost in xBox menus as they've evolved the interface so much.
In all these reviews, these things feel more and more like a PC and we've noticed that most folks are doing PS3, xBox and PC releases pretty much simultaneously now (Bioshock Infinite) is a good example, so perhaps the SteamBox is a better idea. Stay on the open side of PCs, have the ability to slam in new graphics cards for games and that works better.
On the other side are the integration with social networks and television. That is really a mess today mainly because of all the licensing issues. It is maddening that you can't see all your content in one place, but right now, we have to surf Netflix, online sites, Xfinity and regular television. What a mess of rights. Plus we are watching more and more content on a tablet anyway, so it feels sometimes like the grand unification of interfaces to just *one* TV ( no pun intended) is kind of a day late. What is really needed is this watch anything anywhere and have one way to find (where is superman anyway?!!) in a single app. The fact that apps like Can I Stream it? and Matcha are pretty much vital to the "watch TV workflow" is kind of sad 🙂

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