Samsung NX Lenses

Scott has really figure this out, the important figure of merit for a lens+body combo are the number of lines it can resolved for every physical millimeter of the sensor at an MTF-50 (where you have 50% contrast). The Sony RX100 actualy does the best at 270 li/mm mainly because it is easier to design a smaller lense against a smaller sensor.
So John has an NX300, I wonder what the best lense is for him. seems to have the best measurements. Assuming the NX210 is about the same as the NX300, here are the figures all on the NX200:
Samsung NX 20mm F2.8. This lense does somewhat better but it is 2628 wide open at F/2.8 and best if F/5.6 of 2063 at the center. The extremes are 1995 and 2542 respectively.
Samsung NX 16mm F/2.4. This thing suffers from something called field curvature. It means that at a given focus distance, only the center is sharp. The focal plane isn’t very flat for this lense, so the edges suffer from this problem making the edges even lower resolution. But basically at F/2.4 wide open, it is 2843 lw/ph (line width vs picture heigh for the Samsung NX200. But the best at the center is 3189 at F/4, but at the edge this falls to 1789 and then 1415 at the extremes. This is a really soft lense at the edges.
Samsung NX 30mm F/2. This is a 46mm equivalent prime lens. It is 3189 lw/ph at F/4 and peaks in the extremes at F/5.6 where it is 3033 center, 2770 border and 2652 extreme.  So it is about as sharp as the 20mm and 16mm in the center, but it really excels in the cornets.

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