Golf Bags

Well, if you are off on a long trip, how do you make sure your clubs make it in one piece. Here are some tips:
Golflink. First is that you pay a premium if the bag is big and heavy. They cost about $100 and you want to find one with a pull handle and wheels and up to 15 clubs (48 inches tall). Club Glove is a PGA favorite. You shouldn’t pack every club as excess weight increases fees. Take a photo for insurance purposes. Pack each club head by wrapping it individually. If you are hard core, use a Club Glove Stiff Arm to protect the bags in the case.
Golfsmith. Hard case is really the best, but an integrated bag is the best of both worlds as it is nearly as sturdy as a hard case, but you can use on the course. Pack towels around the clubs before you put your bag in the case. Some people put their clubs in upside down so the heads are protected.
Amazon folks definitely love the Club Glove  Burst Proof with Wheels 2 and the Stiff Arm for $219 and $26 respectively.

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