Basel on a Sunday…

Well, if you are every going to Basel, it is indeed beautiful, but on Sundays most of the shops are closed, so what to do, Wikitravel has some good tips:

Kunstmuseum Basel, St. Alban-Graben 16, city center, +41 61 206 62 62, [29]. Basel’s exquisite art museum houses an impressive permanent collection of 19th and 20th century works (including a whole room filled with masterpieces by Picasso), as well as an extensive collection of medieval and renaissance paintings from European artists (Hans Baldung Grien, Hans Holbein, among others). Under the same umbrella, but in a separate building, at St. Alban-Rheinweg 60 (10 minute walk from the main facility) is the Museum für Gegenwartskunst [30], which focuses – as the German name says – on contemporary art. Along with the Beyeler Foundation (see below), both collections are must-sees for art lovers. Basel travel guide – Wikitravel

Fondation Beyeler, Baselstrasse 101, +41 – (0)61 – 645 97 00, [31] (take tram no. 6 towards Riehen Grenze to Fondation Beyeler stop). 10AM-6PM (W UNTIL 8PM). This elegant museum, located 15 minutes outside of Basel in the suburb of Riehen, was designed by Italian architect Renzo Piano. It houses a world-class collection, assembled over half a century by Basel’s pre-eminent art dealer Ernst Beyeler (see Art | Basel in the Other Events section). The names of its collection read like a Who-is-Who of the art world since the late 19th century. It is notable, among other things, for a permanent collection of works by color-field painter Mark Rothko and a vast nymphéas (water lily) painting by impressionist master Claude Monet. The Fondation usually also displays excellent temporary exhibitions. Basel travel guide – Wikitravel

Schaulager, +41 61 335 32 32, Ruchfeldstrasse 19, Münchenstein/Basel (10 minute tram ride from the city center with No. 11), [33]. Designed by Basel’s star architects Herzog & De Meuron, this extraordinary building houses the extensive back catalogue of the Emanuel Hoffmann Foundation’s eminent modern and contemporary art collection. Basel travel guide – Wikitravel

Then for some things uniquely from Basle:

Buy some Basler Läckerli, the local biscuit specialty, a kind of gingerbread (without ginger, however). Addictive, even if you buy the non-brand ones from the Migros[97] supermarket chain.
Basel travel guide – Wikitravel

Läckerli Huus,Gerbergasse 57, city center, +41 61 264 23 23, [98]. Another location is at Cafe Spitz (see Eat Splurge) on the Kleinbasel side of Mittlere Brücke. Traditional and non-traditional versions of the famous Basler Läckerli and many other sweets – nice souvenirs. Basel travel guide – Wikitravel

Confiserie Brändli Barfüsserplatz 20, +41 61 261 70 33, and Freie Strasse 109, +41 61 271 50 05, [99]. One of about half a dozen excellent Basel confiseries (pastry shops) that create unbelievably good pralinés. Chocolate candy is a very poor translation for these little marvels that are absolutely to die for. Basel travel guide – Wikitravel

Confiserie Sprüngli, at Basel SBB station, upstairs, [101]. Satellite location of the famous Zürich chocolatier. Wide variety of chocolate products and pastries. Try the dark chocolate or Luxemburgerli, something like little macaroons – just better. Basel travel guide – Wikitravel

 And of course, there are the cafes just about everywhere:

  • Grand Café Huguenin, Telefon +41 61 272 05 50, Barfüsserplatz. The mother of all Basel coffee houses, this venerable institution on the second floor of an old office building, with big windows to the square, has been serving (not only) Basel’s retirement set for ages. Nice cakes.
  • Zum Isaak [129], +41 61 261 47 12, Münsterplatz, opposite the Cathedral. Located on one of Basel’s finest squares, this is nice and cosy to warm up after a winter visit to the Münster and the neighboring Pfalz lookout. Actually more than a café, it also offers creative, organic cuisine. The owners fought and eventually won an epic battle to rid the square of a big parking lot – a win also for the visitors.
  • Café zum Roten Engel, +41 61 261 20 07, Andreasplatz 15, near Marktplatz. A student hangout on a charming little square. Serves good Birchermuesli and wide selection of teas. Great to sit outdoors in the summer!
  • Fumare / Non-Fumare. Two cafés – for smokers and for non-smokers. See Unternehmen Mitte under Drink. Great café lattes and cappucinos. Basel travel guide – Wikitravel
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