While digital means you mainly just share photos, sometimes it is fun to make a photo album during a party. We have a Canon iP100 and it produces incredible quality prints up to A4 or Legal size, but it is slow and the automatic paper feed doesn’t work super well.
We used the Selphy CP900 and I was really impressed. Read the SD cards of Panasonic, Canon and Sony cameras without any problems and it was quick with very nice print quality. A nice accessory for a wedding reception or other event where you want to do some fun stuff. And with Wifi, you can use it with your iPhone or Android phones too…
Canon launches Selphy CP900 Wi-Fi compact 4×6″ photo printer: Digital Photography Review

Canon has unveiled the Selphy CP900, a Wi-Fi-enabled dye-sub compact photo printer. The CP900 can print borderless 4×6″ photos in as little as 47 seconds. The built-in screen and control interface allows you to browse computers on the same Wi-Fi network to locate your images. There are also iOS and Android apps that allow direct printing to the CP900. In addition to it Wi-Fi capabilities, the CP900 is also smaller and lighter than the existing CP800 model.

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