Bluehost outages

We’ve had two outages in the last two days. I’m getting a partition down message and it lasts for several hours. A chat with the bluehost live chat folks isn’t encouraging. They don’t know why the file system check is running nor do they have log file indicating what is going on.
So I guess time to find a new hoster. I’m downloading the entire contents of the site (thank goodness they have a backup pro feature to do this) so I will at least have a copy.
I’m going to try a few approaches;

  • Google Apps. Figuring they will be fairly reliable. Although their setup process isn’t encouraging, there are actual bugs in for instance CNAME verification (where a field has an extra period at the end) and the TXT record verification doesn’t seem to work.
  • GoDaddy Hosting. Now that Blake is over there, it works better I hope.
  • Synology. I have a synology box and maybe the right answer is to selfhost. 
  • Amazon Web Services. Maybe just run my own virtual machine up there.

More later.

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