I’ve been using DxO for years now and have faithfully paid the upgrade charges from DxO 4 -> 6 (skipped 5, really poor quality) -> 7 -> 8, but now it seems like everyone is moving to Lightroom and the key feature of DxO (for me anyway) was lens correction, but Lightroom caught up with LR 2 (they are now on 5) so they can do lens correction, although not with all the variety that DxO does and they don’t seem to do the camera/lens pair, just the lense.
It appears that you have to check first to see if a camera is supported online as you can’t just look at the lens correction section to see if it is. That is how I used to check DxO. If a camera is supported, it reports “no Lense” in the correction section which is a little confusing, so here goes my lookup:
So in the switch over, here is what I’ve noticed that you have to do a quick search at Adobe for the camera body which is all you need for MFT cameras and cameras with non-interchangeable lenses. Then for others (mainly full frame and APS lenses) see what is supported in their lense list.

  • There are no corrections for micro-4/3. The lens correction section says, none, but in fact, according to forums, the micro-4/3 lenses have their correction written into their RAW formats and they are automatically applied

Why would you need one? Because there are no profiles in the list shipped with the product? Just in case you don’t know already, since version 2.x LR can read and interpret the lens correction data written by the Panasonic camera body into the raw file. Thus, you don’t need lens profiles for Lumix G lenses, unless you aren’t happy with them for some reason. Therefore, there are no Lumix G lenses listed and the new lens correction feature does not provide any additional benefit in LR3 for Lumix G users, except manual perspective correction. Adobe Community: Lumix G1 Lens Profile.

  • Sony RX100 and RX100 Mark II are supported in Lightroom 4.2 and lense correction is silently applied. Fuji FinePix X100S in LR4.4,

As you’ve already read…There will not be a profile in the menu because the correction profile is automatically applied (this is true of most fixed-lens cameras). The camera does not allow for changing lenses, so LR does not allow you to select a lens profile.. Re: RX100 lens profile in RAW? (Lightroom 4): Sony Cyber-shot Talk Forum: Digital Photography Review.

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