OK, I’ve been trying to use Spider Oak as a secure and private replacement for DropBox and it is a big weird. Here are the things to know:

  • It is sort of similar to Dropbox in that there is a Hive where all files are synced between machines
  • But, each machine has a notion of a copy, so if you for instance sync a 1GB file between 5 machines and then delete it, then each machine has in its own Trash a copy of that thing.
  • This counts against your default 2-5GB allocation and you have to go to *each* machine, navigate to SpiderOak application, click on View and delete it from the deleted items as it never deleted things.

Wow, that is something really strange and inconvenient, but still it is highly private. maybe using OpenPGP or Truecrypt on Dropbox will be easier. Need to try that.

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