Alex told me that you could use "VI" commands with it and that got me to wondering about Sublime and what I was missing. Quite a lot. First decision is using Sublime 3 or 2. I'm going to try Sublime 3 for a while. Now I was wondering how to get it to:

  1. Be a VI-like editor because I'm a dinosaur
  2. Make the fonts nicer because they are truly ugly
  3. Have a save work directly with Github so I can open and then commit from sublime

Here are the tricks:

  1. In Sublime 2, you can directly edit Sublime/Preferences/Default, but in Sublime 3 that file is read only and you have to override at Sublime/Preferences/User Preferences. In Sublime 2, you get vim mode by deleted vintage from the ignored_package list. In sublime 3, you have to install a new package call victorious or someting like that.
  2. Sublime 3 has an automatic package installer. YOu call it by typign CMD-Shift-p (Ctrl-Shift-p in Windows and Linux)

Ok I just got it working. If you go onto the YouTube website, log in, then I clicked onto my channel. It asked if I wanted to start my own channel, which I did. Now I can log in on all my Apple devices. Cant login to YouTube on AppleTV: Apple Support Communities

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