Hey these sites really do work. Got a notice last night from Zooalert.com and Nowinstock.net that there was a PS4 that you could buy on Gamestop and it actually worked. Good to try for those hard to find items. The Gamestop store was really slow and hung several times (man a reminder of how good Amazon is!).
Of course this morning it alerted me to XBox One on the Microsoftstore.com and that site hung on and then in trying to get through the transaction it hung on the last payment authorization screen and then. Yikes. It took three tries and nothing and then six charges (?!!!) appeared on my credit card. Good to have that email notification of charges by the way!
So sad for Microsoftstore.com. I tried to call them and it said they would call me back in over three hours!!! Yikes. So much for customer service. On the other hand, at least theoretically through evrewards.com, you can get 5% back by going through bigcrumbs.com
Thank goodness for credit card services. I called them and they flagged as a suspicious transaction they were able to get a human and she cancelled two of the the three orders. Sounds like the loads on that site were not good. They don’t know if the product will actually get there and that if you refuse it will go back and also if you get it then you can ask for an rma to get it back.

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