Wow, I’ve been on a tear thinking about this. Right now this has yielded probably an incremental 20,000 points probably worth $1000 just from Christmas shopping and buying various year end things. So once you have that, it makes me think about how to maximize. Here is an architecture to think about your own lives:
As the Point Guy says diversification is essential and a good credit rating has a factor that depends on how many on time cards you have.
Your go to card. It is good to have a card that works well for most uses. Right now we do have a miracle card that is giving us 5-7% plus (?!!) in equivalent rebates. So that is mainly our goto card. So you want to pick a great card and then add additional enhancements for various cards as you go.
Your shopping portals. You always want to double dip here as there are portals just about everywhere. Just clicking through these will typically double your take if you work on it. There are two key sites for figuring this out. Evrewards is good for pure rebates and Cashback Monitor is another one. The main one we use is of course the attached portal for our magic. So if you are smart we get 1-4x additional. If you are getting a 5-7% then this means an total discount of 10-33%. We just got a 5x on one site. So it is worth it to shop.
Now the thing is to look at other places where you buy

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