Wow, finally got this to work on a Mac. Amazingly reliable with the HD HomeRun Prime. The main limits right now are the premium channels (need Windows for that or a Comcast DVR). But it works with good performance on a 2010 Mac Mini.
The main thing is how to get a remote to work. For some reason MythWeb won’t install and I can’t get the XBMC to MythTV working on version 0.27. So here are the keyboard shortcuts to make it work at:
Up/down arrow. Change channel
P. Pause/play
I. Information for the status screen
M. Menu
S. Electronic program guide
Page Up/Down. Forward/Back 10 minute
Arrow left/right. Forward/Back 30 seconds
End. Next commercial break market
T. Close caption on/off
Numbers. Type any number and this changes to a channel

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