Harman Kardon Aura

The Harman Kardon Aura may look like The Jetson’s spaceship has collided with a ultra-modern kitchen blender but this quirky design housing is actually a wireless home speaker.
If you’re seeking a showstopper in speaker design that is also small and compact enough to live anywhere in the home, then the HK Aura certainly ticks the box. But does its distinctive design enhance or hinder its ability to deliver quality audio? We’ve been living with the Aura for a number of weeks to find out.
Pairing via Bluetooth is easy and worked like a dream from our HTC One smartphone, but it was a calamity via our MacBook Pro. Often we’d catch a Bluetooth connection before Wi-Fi would interrupt, iTunes would pop open and begin playback – even though we hadn’t asked it to. Sometimes this would cut the Bluetooth playback dead, sometimes there would be a clash of iTunes output – apparently also playing via Bluetooth, not Wi-Fi – making for a mess of audio with two different tracks as our other player was also outputting sound.
Tucked into the base are six 1.5in drivers tuned to cater for different mid-high frequencies, while a 4.5in subwoofer handles the bass. The bass is so warm without being overpowering; it’s a bit like a gentle bassy cuddle. Very comforting.
via Harman Kardon Aura review – Pocket-lint.

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