Ugh, keep getting this error. Looks like a mavericks bug:

After logging in, you are repeatedly prompted to unlock the “Local Items” keychain in multiple apps.
Follow these steps to prevent prompts to unlock the Local Items keychain.

  • In Finder Select Go > Go to folder… (??G)
  • In the window that appears, type the following:
  • ~/Library/Key  chains/
  • Click OK.
  • Look for a folder with a name similar to this “A8F5E7B8-CEC1-4479-A7DF-F23CB076C8B8”.
  • Note: Each folder has a unique number.
  • Move this folder to the Trash.
  • Immediately choose Apple Menu (?) > Restart… to restart your Mac.

via OS X Mavericks v10.9.1: Repeated prompts to unlock “Local Items” keychain.

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