Sunglass shopping… Getting 60% off


I think we've all seen the Sixty Minutes piece about how all sunglasses are made from one factory and have a huge markup.
Well at least in this case a little shopping really pays off. Here's an algorithm:
1. Find some great glass from reviews. I got a Smith Backdrop and i can see why people love them. First of all they are glass lenses which means no scratching. While they are heavier it really improves longevity. Second is that they are Photochromic, so they can darken. The darkest ones are the Ignitor which are good for open water while the others like Copper are in the middle. The Amber is really very light amount and is best for cloudy days (think skiing where you want visibility and protection). I liked the Copper, but getting another dark set doesn't sound so bad. The ignitors street for $239 while the coppers street at $219. How much better can you do?
1a. Look at Amazon prices which is about $199 for Copper Mirror Photochromic
2. Searching first through our best reward site which is the Bank of America one. We see that Campmor and Backcountry offer 6 point to a dollar. That's between 2-8% or 12-32% off with the right rebates! Also today they have a 15% off sale on sunglasses on Campmor. Wow that means you can get it 50% off! Another choice is REI where they have it for $219 but there is a 3/dollar deal plus there is the REI rebate hanging out there as well. Backcountry has the best selection and is the only site with the Ignitor at $239 but with 12-40% off depending on the rebate status. By the way you also have to add the underlying points back from the credit card you use as well, so that's another 2-8% off.
3. Compare the best cash price by searching through and evrewards and cash monitor. has these for $185 street and $195 respectively for copper and ignitor plus you can get 4.5% off from cash So that comes out to a savings of in cash of 15% plus your rebate from your Visa card of 2-8%,
The Backdrop encompasses a ton of great features like spring hinges and Megol covered nose pads and temple tips. Sharp detailing showcases a medium coverage lens profile that makes it perfect for the leisure activity of your choice.
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