The Best Browser Extensions that Protect Your Privacy


I haven't research this in a while and have been using a combination of Startpage, Adblock, Ghostery, Noscript, WOT and LastPass for security and passwords. But there seem to be quite a few overlapping ones and NoScript in particular takes quite a bit of work. So what's the best. Lifehacker suggest Disconnect does the most of this, so giving it a try, should replace Noscript and Ghostery for sure.
Disconnect Firefox/Chrome/IE/Safari is our pick because it continues to add useful features and improve its database, and its secure Wi-Fi and bandwidth optimization features arent available in other tools. It blocks third party tracking cookies and gives you control over all site scripts and elements from a simple-to-use toolbar menu. It also protects you from tracking by social networks like Facebook, Google, and Twitter, which use your browsing even off-site to collect data about you. Finally, Disconnect protects you from sidejacking or widgetjacking, where an attacker can use stolen cookies to access personal data without having to know your password, with its Secure Wi-Fi feature
via The Best Browser Extensions that Protect Your Privacy.

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