I just love these glasses. They cost a fortune at $239 list, but with the start of summer, you can get some good memorial day sales.
REI. $175 or 20% for the Polarchromic (variable based on sun 13-20% light transmission). On the Bank of America site, you get 3 extra point per dollar, (worth 5-8%) plus another 10% if you are an REI member.
It is confusing that they have so many varieties, but here’s a decoder ring:

  • Techlite Polarchromic Ignitor. 12-18% VLT (visible light transmission). These are dark shades meant for the open water. Matte Black frames. $199 from Amazon. $159 REI which is an incredible deal
  • Techlite Polarchromic Copper Mirror: 13-20% VLT. Mirrored glasses just look cool I guess :-0 Black Frames. $199 Amazon
  • Techlite Polarchromic Copper: 13-20% VLT. Mahogony. $175 Amazon. $175 REI (but more points)
  • Techlite Polarchromic Amber: 15-30% VLT. For those dark ski days. Tortoise. $175 Amazon

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