You can’t really be a good developer if you ever have to use the mouse. I can do this for vi (yuck!), but not for sublime, so here goes. BTW, this page is broken because you can’t just copy and paste. As explains, here is a map and the unicode mapping is
And here is how you do special characters in general
⌘   =>   ?
Here are some basic ones:

? t go to file
? P go to project
? R go to methods
? G go to line
?KB toggle side bar
??P command prompt
? ` python console
??N new window (useful for new project)


?L select line (repeat select next lines)
?D select word (repeat select others occurrences in context for multiple editing)
??M select content into brackets
??? insert line before
?? inter line after
??K delete line
?KK delete from cursor to end of line
?K? delete from cursor to start of line
??D duplicate line(s)
?J join lines
?KU upper case
?KL lower case
? / comment
?? / block comment
?Y redo or repeat
??V past and ident
? space autocomplete (repeat to select next suggestion)
?M jump to matching brackets
?U soft undo (movement undo)
??U soft redo (movement redo)


??A select content into tag
?? . close tag


?F find
??F replace
??G find next occurrence of current word
??G select all occurrences of current word for multiple editing
??F find in files


??1 single column
??2 two columns
??5 grid (4 groups)
?[1,2,3,4] focus group
??[1,2,3,4] move file to group
?[1,2,3…] select tab


?F2 toggle bookmark
F2 next bookmark
?F2 previous bookmark
??F2 clear bookmarks


?K space set mark // ?K; for me
?KW delete from cursor to mark
?KA select from cursor to mark
?KG clear mark

via Lucasfais
Here are the more advanced:
? + J : Join the two lines  (like J in vi)
? + ^ + up or down arrow : This swaps two lines. (like ~ in vi)
^ + Shift + up or down arrow : Multiple cursors so you can do the same thing in lots of places. Wierd!
Ctrl + M : Jump the matching bracket (% in vi)
Ctrl + Alt + up or down. This scrolls without needing to use the mouse (j or k in vi)
? + P Quick-open files by name
? + R Goto symbol Goto
word in current file
? + G Goto line in current file
? + ? + P Command prompt
? + K, ? + B Toggle side bar
? + ? + P Show scope in status bar
? + F Find
? + ? + F Replace
? + ? + F Find in files
? + ? + t Open last closed tab
^ + Tab Cycle up through tabs
? + ^ + Tab Cycle down through tabs
Find in files
? + ? + 2 Split view into two columns
? + ? + 1 Revert view to single column
? + ? + 5 Set view to grid 4 groups
? + [NUM] Jump to group where num is 1-4
? + ? + [NUM] Move file to specified group where num is 1-4
Bookmarks are like the mark in vi. So you set one
? + F2 Toggle bookmark
F2 Next bookmark
? + F2 Previous bookmark
? + ? + F2 Clear bookmarks
? + K, ? + U Transform to Uppercase
? + K, ? + L Transform to Lowercase
via Keyboard Shortcuts – OSX — Sublime Text Unofficial Documentation.

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