Canon Pro9000 printer profiles


Canon U.S.A., Inc. says (this is the 93rd time that I’ve reviewed this). So obscure to use a two letter code and lower is higher for quality.
And where do you get the driver? You have to actually go and install their printer driver I think. It comes with the driver. Argh!

Understanding Canon ICC Profile Names – Pro9000

Understanding Canon ICC Profile Names

When you want to specify a printer profile from an application, select the specific profile for your printer and the photo paper that you are using.
The ICC profiles installed for your printer and Canon photo paper appear as follows.
Note: The profile names for other manufacturers’ papers will appear differently.

(For example: Canon Pro9000 PR1)
(1) Printer model name
(2) Media type

Each letter pair represents its respective Media type.
PR = Canon Photo Paper Pro and Pro II
SP: = Canon Photo Paper Plus Glossy
MP: = Canon Matte Photo Paper
SG: = Canon Photo Paper Plus Semi-gloss
GL: = Canon Photo Paper Plus Glossy II
PT: = Canon Photo Paper Pro Platinum
(3) Print quality
The numbers correspond to the numbers on the print quality slide bar in the [Custom Quality] dialog box opened from the [Main] tab of the printer driver. The lower the number, the finer the quality.

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