Well need to buy some monitors and it is a tough time right now. The best values are the ASUS PB27Q which is a vanilla 27″ 1440p monitor. But the 4K monitors are coming and what you really want is a 32″ 4K, but they are horribly expensive.
This BenQ is a nice compromise if you can’t wait for that. For $800 you get a nice monitor that is great for really seeing everything. $800 isn’t bad for it!
We’ll wrap up by mentioning this monitor’s terrific value. At a street price of around $800, it isn’t that much more expensive than rank-and-file 27-inch models. Its performance is equal to or better than all but the most expensive professional products, and the BL3200PT completely outclasses everything in the contrast department. Gamers even get slightly better response and lag than most 60 Hz IPS screens.If you have the space and the budget, BenQ’s BL3200PT is the only monitor of its kind available now. We certainly enjoyed using and testing this monitor, and we think it merits serious consideration if you’re shopping for a big screen.
via BenQ BL3200PT 32-Inch QHD AMVA Monitor Review Verdict – Tom’s Hardware.

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