Building a Supermicro X10SRH with Norco RPC-4220


Well it isn’t like either of these have much documentation. But here are the traps:

  1. The disk arrays. There doesn’t seem to be any documentation at all about how the Norco works, but examining the box now that it is finally here, it seems to have four rows of four drives each and there is a single connector that looks like SFF-8087. So it seems that if you want these to just be SATA drives, then you need an SATA to SF-8087 reverse breakout. This let’s you plug the male side of SFF-8087 into the disk array and then you get four female SATA cables you can plug into your motherboard.

  2. The Supermicro X10-SRH however has onboard SAS controllers. Two of them and they don’t document what connector they use. Looking at Wikipedia and matching pictures, they look like mini-SAS SF-8643 connectors and they support four drives. So it looks like you need a male SF-8643 to male SF-8087

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