Month: December 2014

Haswell Cube and Mini Tower

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For the bigger builds, we have two: Haswell Cube. This is based on the mini-ITX and is the fastest setup if you want a high performance double-width graphics card. Haswell Mini-Tower. This is the smallest box that can handle an overclocked dual SLI graphics card setup. This means we are moving up to the micro-ATX…

Aquarium PC v2

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Well we’ve had our aquarium running reliably for two years now. It’s been awesome. The main issue has been one of the capacitors on the graphics card blowing up. But that was actually better in mineral oil. What would have been a fire merely was the card failing. It is definitely big to have an…

Traps building Asus H97i-plus on Antec ISK-300/150

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Well, this build went so smoothly last time, I’m just amazed how out of practice I am, but to review we are putting a 4590s into this box (3GHz/3.7Ghz turbo boost, iCore 5, 4 cores, 4 threads) and here are the traps: Because of the way the AC power cable is, you do have 65mm…

Building a Supermicro X10SRH with Norco RPC-4220

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Well it isn’t like either of these have much documentation. But here are the traps: The disk arrays. There doesn’t seem to be any documentation at all about how the Norco works, but examining the box now that it is finally here, it seems to have four rows of four drives each and there is…

Cyber Monday

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I really wasn’t ready for Black Friday, but gearing up for Cyber Monday, I’m prepared. The main thing is not to buy junk but to get some decent deals on really great hardware. Here are some highlights: Apple MacBook Pro 15” Retina with 2.5GHz, 750M, 512GB SSD. I love the 13” MacBook Pro Retina for…

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