Well here’s another interesting thing, if you didn’t get AppleCare , then you really want it for your MacBook Pro, it retails for $349, but here are the deals. S3142LL/A looks like the auto enroll for the MacBook Pro 15 and 17 and MD012LL/A is the non-autoenroll version part number.
There is also MC247LL/B is for older MacBooks and seems cheaper, but won’t work with the latest

  • Amazon. The benchmark as usual is $244

B&H. Also at $244 with 1.65% rebate. They normally have much better deals if you buy a bundled machine.

  • ABT $251has it via a Google query
  • Rakuten. Also $325, but has the 3% rebate plus 1% rewards

  • Staples. $349 list so no bargain even with 5% rebate and 5% rewards

Then there are the misses

  • Overstock. Doesn’t carry this but has 5.25% rebate.
  • Adorama. 2% (you can normally do better through Rakuten particularly if there is a rewards bonus).

  • Neweggbusiness.com. 4% rebate but doesn’t carry it

  • Walmart doesn’t carry it with a 4% rebate

  • Target with 4% doesn’t carry it

  • And doing the google query, here are some other stores engines like shopify, pricegrabber and shopzilla which don’t seem great.

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