These days it really doesn’t pay to get anything less than Cat 6 (so you are ready for 1GB) and the prices are really amazing if you shop, so here:

  • As usual this is the benchmark. With Cablematters 5×5 feet at $11 ($2.20 a cable), 5×10 feet for $17 ($3.40 a cable) and 5×14 for $20 ($4 a cable)

  • Monoprice is a good place for this kind of stuff as but you have to wait for the sales like the current 15% sitewide. They do have a 2% rebate which isn’t much and we’ve found them very reliable. So they are 1.97 for 10′, 2.55 for 14′ and $4.10 for 25′ so definitely cheaper even before the site wide.

  • Newegg is also right there at that price point with 10 feet at $1.99 but they do get to $2.30 with shipping, 14 feet at $2.72 and 25 at $4.14

  • Staples or Office Depot. With the Chase Ink Plus cards, you get a 5x multiplier for office purchases (so 10% of effectively) plus another 2x so a total of 14% off rom them. The main issue is their pricing is so much higher. More like $6 a cable.

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