While it is nice to use the various photo processing applications, sometimes it makes more sense to change the underlying data. Here are some ways to add geotags directly into the JPEGs. This is most useful for dSLRs or for scanned images that don’t have it. I’ve used iPhoto for much of this, but Photos doesn’t allow you to set location data, so you have to resort to a third party applications.
There are two that seem to do this, HoudahGeo ($40) and Photo Geotag ($4). I tried the later and it seems to work. Add this before you do imports and it adds the correct tags directly into the photo. Photo Geotag works OK, but doesn’t support RAW formats.
Looking some more on stackexchange.com, we see some that do work with NEF and CR2 like GeoTag which need EXIFtool to work and then confusingly there is a Java application also called geotag which can run from the cloud as well both of these are free. GeoTag seems like the ticket and is free 
Now if only there was a way to do this for faces!

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