Well having used Bash quite a bit, we finally got to the point with single stepping via a flag where it was pretty usable. Now with Sublime and Anaconda there is a good system for looking for autocomplete, definitions and for doing simpling linting  and you can use the Anaconda menu to find definitions. It also let’s you run test scripts, but what about single stepping. http://cewing.github.io/training.codefellows/assignments/day01/sublime_as_ide.html gives a nice list of packages to install into sublime. Im using sublime 3
The recommend using PDBSublimeTextSupport available via pip, this let’s you set a breakpoint and have it popup in Sublime so you can see the line and edit it. It uses https://docs.python.org/2/library/pdb.html (there is also a Python 3 version). It is pretty simple, you just import pdb; pbd.set_trace() to single step and then continue by typing a c
YOu can also set python breakpoints automagically with the packages https://packagecontrol.io/packages/SublimeREPL

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