Wow I hope gets this running soon. It lets you manage large files with version control in a github repository. I installed the whole thing and then discovered the welcome mail I got wasn’t actually a welcome but just a reminder that I had signed up. Blah.
The main thing to know is that if you install github lfs via their download, then today, getting it out of git is pretty hard. Combining all the unstall instructions it looks like this:

  1. tells you how to that you have to edit your .git/hooks/pre-push file to get rid of the reference to git-lfs although later builds do a check first according to
  2. Remove the actual command itself by looking at which gst-lfs and removing that file

  3. Get rid of all references to lfs in the git config file look for git config -l | grep lfs and you will see a bunch, but these command should get rid of it:

git config --global --unset filter.lfs.{required,smudge,clean}


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