OK, this is the strangest product in some ways on the simple things. It is so tightly integrated with github, but it isn’t clear how to use it.

Logging into another account

it isn’t clear how to logout of it and sign it with another github account. You actually have to do this by going to github to break the authorization (see http://stackoverflow.com/questions/31683716/i-cant-see-my-public-repository-that-worked-before):

  • Go to github.com and revoke in Personal/Settings/Applications and revoke travis-ci
  • Create your Travis web hook using the you github id and the token plus the magic domain http://notify.travic-ci.org

Waiting to have your administrative status recognized or pushes

Second strange thing is that if you are not an administrator, then Travis refuses to let you include it. But, if you flip it on github to admin, then it doesn’t happen right away with Travis. We had to wait at least an hour for the change to propagate, so make sure to set github administration before you start playing around.
Same thing with pushes, when you start, it takes some time to figure out how to make it work. Took a whole day.

Who gets billed for things

For personal repos, it is the “owner” of the repo in github. So for instance, you can’t just pay for a repo, you need to be the actual github owner. For organizations, it is much less clear how this all works.
In organizations, there are multiple owners, so it isn’t quite clear how billing works, but it looks like there is organization and personal billing.
As an aside, travis has an excellent program for educational folks. They will allow you to use private repos (but not organizational repos) for essentially free.

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