Well, I don’t know what is up with the thing, but it is eerie when you have *exactly the same problem as someone else! See http://forum.dji.com/thread-18942-2-1.html

I’ve formatted the sd.. then put the 1.3 update on it. I put the sd in the P3 and left it on for about 40 minutes. The light on the camera acts as if it’s updating (green+red light) for a few minutes before it then starts blinking green quickly and then goes back to green+red. It seems like it would continue to do this forever if I left it. After 40 minutes I take the sd and check it on my computer and I see no TXT file so I believe it’s safe to assume the update did not happen. There is no beeps or noises to listen to because once the gimbal goes limp it remains silent.

And there is even a video of it at 

And there are some very smart people doing diagnostics. It looks like it might be the SD card not reading long enough for the firmware to take so the gimbal crashes:

Another problem I found. If I connect micro usb from gimbal to computer, it will only read the sd card for 10 seconds at a time before disconnecting and then reconnecting.. I assume this is why I can’t get the firmware to upgrade or downgrade. Does anyone know which wires connect the sd card to the power source, the wires going into the shell or the wires going into the sonar? What I think is happening is the gimbal is fine but after the sd disconnects the first time, the gimbal won’t reboot until after you restart the entire phantom. But I’m looking at all my cables with the gimbal removed and none of them have any problems, the pins are fine, and the wires going into the shell are held tightly down so it couldn’t have pulled on the interior end of the wires. wtf?

For other people, it is a loose cable:


What worked for me is to push in the little cable that connects the camera to the plane with my finger tip. It seems like it became shifted or slightly dislodged while putting on the gamble protector or during transport, result was instant return of my video feed.

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