Geek love Cherry MX keyboard switches


OK, more stuff that no one cares about. About two years ago, we got a Razor keyboard. It cost more than many computers do ($140), but it had the famous Cherry Blue switches. These reminded me of the original IBM PC. Click and clack, but boy did they feel sure and sharp. Now we just got a Corsair K70 Cherry Brown and while mechanical, they are very quiet, but not quite what I remembered. so here's a decoder ring:

  • Cherry MX Brown. These are mechanical but do not click, so good for the office. I love the feel, but I still like the distinctive click. Gamers love them because you can spam a key really fast with its low actuation force.
  • Cherry MX Blue. These have the loud click of the old IBM PC keyboards. Very loud with definite actuation force, but certain.

  • Cherry MX Red. These may be the best of both worlds. They click but with less noise than the Blue.

So what is a geek to do, well since I have a Blue and a Brown, might as well get a Red 🙂

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