We’ve been using mythtv for a while, but now it has a corrupted mariadb so nothing records. We have to start all over and the instructions are clear about getting rid of the software but not the man configuration and database files thanks to Mac Ports, this is much easier.
Note that the second command will fail, it will want the exact version of mariadb and will tell you, so it will be something like sudo port uninstall mariadb-server@03.4.3

sudo port uninstall --follow-dependencies mythtv-core.27 sudo port uninstall mariadb-server sudo port uninstall logrotate

To remove configuration information for mythtv

rm -r ~/.mythtv

To complete get rid of myth’s databases, but be careful don’t get rid of the mariadb itself, it needs to be owned by _mysql and group _mysql or the install fails later. On this installation I had previously compiled mythtv and used mysql, so it was just a mess. Seemed easier to start by deleting everything that was macports and everything that was /opt/dvr

sudo port -fp uninstall installed sudo rm -r /opt/dvr /opt/local ~/.macports

It is a little unclear what to do about the installation but you now have to install Xcode and then download and install Macports binary and then run

sudo port install mythtv-core.27 +mariadb+python.27+mariadb55+perl5_16 sudo port install mariadb-server sudo porti install logrotate +startupitem

Then you have to look sideways at the installation instructions as they are using prebuilt binaries. The main thing is to recreate the dabs dire

sudo -u _mysql mysql_install_db

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