Google Fi amazing got overseas trips


Ok this has got to be the most underrated carrier. Their pricing is pretty amazing at $20 per user. $10 for data but no minimum. If u don't use data they tefund you the $10 or any part of it. Most people like me end up 20% under because overage sucks so that can save you 20% 
With Verizon and ATT now down to 15-20 a month matching Google Fi and at $100 for 12GB and 2gb free in a family plan that isn't a super value because Google's rate is higher marginally. Than the $7/GB so if you have to underuse by 30% to break even with Google. 
But what makes it extra amazing is

  1. No roaming charges. Data is the same cost in most countries
  2. You can pause the service without any penalty at all. Just hit a button. 

What does that mean. True pay as you go for a roaming lte phone. It seems to only work for nexus devices right now but while pretty domestically. It is the ultimate phone for overseas. Just get a used nexus 5 or 6 for $200 and you are completely set. No more overages!

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