Saving on gift cards via eBay or Staples

Saving on gift cards via eBay or Staples

So you want to give gift cards, well here are some ways to stack bonuses and get some big savings according to Frequent Miler. This isn't manufactured spend but legitimate use. The biggest problem is that the Ebay site is just very broken. For two days the Paypal connection didn't work. And then the Paypal site keeps trying to authenicate. Finally when u try to buy the Best Buy gift card it fails with a try again later message. 
Net net decent idea but leave the Ebay part out. 

  • Get an Chase Ink card and get 5X for buying at Office Depot, Office Max or Staples. That's about 10% off right there
  • Use Cashback Monitor to get another 4-6% by clicking through.

Not bad and you get a huge selection of gift cards. Of course, you can also use this to buy Visa Gift Cards. These have fees but can be used anywhere. 
Another option:

  • eBay gift cards bought from PayPal Digital Gifts or Gift Card Mall count as 5x for Ink because they come out as Office Supply Store. 
  • Sign up for eBay Bucks to get 2% off

  • Go through a reward site to get 1.5% or so.

  • After you get the eBay Gift Card use that Card to buy the gift card you actually want.

    Both methods give you about 10% off and eBay has a huge selction of cards

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